Edelman Deportivo Turns Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ Blind

A new take on a tired campaign.

Earlier this month, our own Tonya Garcia took a critical look at the classic-but-possibly-played-out Dove “Real Beauty” campaign in light of its latest, most controversial iteration: “Beautiful” versus “Average.”

Tonya argued that the campaign now strikes “a sour note,” and Lindsay Stein of PRWeek followed two days later with a post in which she wrote that, while the general idea behind the campaign is still relevant, its execution has become “cliche.”

So we’re agreed that Dove needs to try something different — and today they did with this campaign created by Edelman’s new Swedish office, Edelman Deportivo (you may remember them from this week’s Philips “remote shave” stunt).

Here’s the work, titled “Dove Blind Beauty”:

While we can’t say whether this effort will be enough to save the flagging campaign, it is certainly an interesting variation on a now-familiar theme.

And it’s looking more and more like Edelman’s acquisition of Deportivo was a wise purchase.