Edelman Acquires Swedish Agency, Doubles Down on Creative


As further confirmation of the firms-entering-creative-territory trend, today Edelman announced plans to beef up its European content creation operations by acquiring the Stockholm-based agency Deportivo.

The purpose of this move, via the press release itself, is to develop a “a creative centre of excellence” in order to better serve Edelman’s European clients.

So what does the move mean?

Lest you think this union marks a marriage of PR and advertising, Deportivo is an agency better known for its interactive, high-concept creations like the “Twitter dress“–which is thankfully not the one worn by a former Pussycat Doll at the 2013 Golden Globes–than for traditional 30-second video spots.

In a general sense, the acquisition will allow Edelman to “further diversify the service it offers clients” by “extending creative strategy, design innovation and production capabilities” to all its European offices.

COO Matt Harrington said to AdAge today:

“We’re taking creative up a notch. This has been the biggest shift for the firm over the last couple of years.”

In other words, the content revolution’s most famous paid placement holdout has gone all in on the make-it-yourself front. As chief content strategist Steve Rubell told us in 2013:

“Content is the best way to [create relationships between clients and stakeholders], but we can’t do it alone.”

In other words, expect to see some interesting experiential projects from Edelman’s European clients in the coming months.

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