Ed Kashi Joins VII Photo Agency

(Ed Kashi).jpg
Kashi’s 1999 photograph captures the hands of a boat painter in Pisco, Peru.

When last we caught up with photojournalist Ed Kashi, he was busy suing Google for copyright infringement and documenting life in Madagascar (as the recipient of the 2009 Prix Pictet Commission). Now comes word that Kashi is the newest member of VII, the photo agency founded in 2001 with the goal of “documenting conflict—environmental, social and political, both violent and non-violent—to produce an unflinching record of the injustices created and experienced by people caught up in the events they describe.” Kashi, the collectively owned agency’s twelfth member, joins an esteemed group that includes James Nachtwey, Ron Haviv, Marcus Bleasdale, and Stephanie Sinclair. “I take on issues that stir my passions about the state of humanity and our world, and I deeply believe in the power of still images to change people’s minds,” said Kashi in a statement issued today by VII. “I’m driven by this fact; that the work of photojournalists and documentary photographers can have a positive impact on the world.” And that Madagascar project? Done! Have a look at the stunning results here.