Ed Hardy Tattooed by Very Ugly News Story

On a Twitter account for Culver City based Ed Hardy, there is no hint this morning of sensational scandal. Instead, whoever is at the social media controls asked, simply:

Here’s hoping each and every one of the Ed Hardy shop’s followers can answer, “Better than Simone Farrow’s.” Per reports on Good Morning America, in the Daily Mail and elsewhere, the one-time go-to girl for the company’s bikini wear ads was arrested Down Under last week for allegedly peddling crystal meth under the guise of bath salts.

Farrow is said to have run the business out of a Hollywood apartment before fleeing to Australia in 2009. She skipped bail in February; authorities accuse her of hiding behind an astonishing 19 different aliases.

With news outlets able to marry their choice of lurid details to sexy archived shots of a former bikini and Penthouse babe, you can bet this story will have legs. Pun intended.