Ed Bok–St. Francis of Los Angeles or Born-Again Nutjob?


Remember FBLA’s rant about racoons terrorizing pets while Ed Bok, the head of Animal Services preached tolerance? Now, he’s preaching again via his city-funded website. Daniel Guss, has an op-ed in the LA Daily News. Guss is the founder of the Stand Foundation. He points out:

Instead, Ed Boks–a former preacher and controversial New York shelter boss whom Villaraigosa hired to run Animal Services one year ago – posted a massive, 3,274-word sermon on the site. The overall point of the piece – in support of no-kill policies for city shelters – was fair enough. However, the religious language violated not only common sense but also the U.S. Constitution.Far more appropriate for a Sunday church service, Boks’ religious rant mentioned God 11 times, Abraham 15 times, Sodom and Gomorrah five times, Darwin four times, faith three times, angels once. Evil was the big winner with 16 mentions. To take one quote as an example: “If Abraham could prevail upon God to make compassionate choices, perhaps we can prevail upon our community to do the same.” This dogma comes courtesy of Villaraigosa’s $167,000-a-year dog-catcher.

City Hall must have leaned on Bok, after Guss complained, as most of the sermon is taken down and his blog has a weird little semi-apology:

(Note: I apologize if any religious referrences within this message offended anybody. The text has been edited to be less offensive. The message is intended only to encourage respect for the lives of our community’s lost and homeless pets. Happy New Year! Ed)

And the wackiness continues over at LA Voice, where Mack Reed took down a flame war. FBLA has heard that an alleged ex-lady pal of Bok’s showed up and libelous merriment ensued. Fought like cats and dogs, we hear.


Animal Services Ed Bok Advises Reverence for Life as Racoons Attack Pets