Economist Editor Embraces the Social Media Age

Zanny Minton Beddoes chats with The Guardian's Mark Sweney.

EconomistMay282016IssueMark Sweney’s conversation in The Guardian with The Economist editor Zanny Minton Beddoes offers a number of powerful encapsulations of the challenge at hand. Minton Beddoes, who arrived in February of 2015, is the publication’s first female editor and looks forward to a time when that aspect will no longer be newsworthy.

1) “We don’t want to be the grandpa at the disco,” she says. This vivid, hilarious quote is the headline of The Guardian piece, and really says it all. Especially if you’ve personally experienced Gramps trying to bust a few moves at a wedding, disco or some other equivalent venue.

2) Minton Beddoes rightly states that a weekly print magazine in the 21st century is no longer enough. She says digital edition subscriptions have crossed the 300,000 mark, although these are doing much better in the U.K. and various international regions than they are in North America.

3) When Minton Beddoes was promoted to EIC, there was one, lone social media staffer. Today, there are nine: seven in the U.K.; one in the U.S.; and one in Asia.

Much more in The Guardian piece, including Minton Beddoes’ insistence that The Economist will not turn into a video company. Read the rest here. There’s also a great photo of Minton Beddoes, taken by Felix Clay.

Pictured: May 28, 2016 issue cover