Economist Tyler Cowen Experiments With Digital-Only Release

With the flexibility in eBook pricing and the rise of the shorter formats (think Kindle Single),  sometimes an eBook can make more sense than a print version.

This is true for The Great Stagnation, the latest work from economist Tyler Cowen published by Penguin. While Cowen’s prior works with the publisher were all released in print, this new title was shorter and made more sense to release digitally. Harkening back to economics pamphlets of the 17th century, the book is only 15,000 words (roughly about 60 print pages).

Cowen told “I really think it works as an ebook, and have plenty of other books that exist in print, and to have one that’s just an ebook would be fine with me. Ideas like that tend to be at the discretion of the publisher and the terms of the contract, and even though the author is consulted, if the publisher wanted to do it, I’m not sure I would forbid it. But I don’t think it’s the model for me. The model for me is to focus on content and provide it in the formats that readers want.”