‘Economics for Humans’ is Today’s Free eBook

economics for humansToday’s free eBook, Economics for Humans, is courtesy of The University of Chicago Press Books. Written by Julia A. Nelson, Economics for Humans seeks to uncover the human side of our economy, often portrayed as cold, heartless, and uncontrollable. Nelson’s work is an invigorating glimpse at economy, but beyond the mechanistic model:

Economics for Humans argues against the well-ingrained notion that economics is immune to moral values and distant from human relationships. Here, Nelson locates the impediment to envisioning a more considerate economic world in an assumption that is shared by both neoliberals and the political left. Despite their seemingly insurmountable differences, Nelson notes that they both make use of the metaphor, first proposed by Adam Smith, that the economy is a machine. This pervasive idea, Nelson argues, has blinded us to the qualities that make us work and care for one another—qualities that also make businesses thrive and markets grow. We can wed our interest in money with our justifiable concerns about ethics and social well-being. And we can do so if we recognize that an economy is not a machine, but a living, beating heart that circulates blood to all parts of the body while also serving as an emblem of compassion and care.


Economics for Humans is available as a free download from The University of Chicago Press this month. For more free eBooks, check out our 10 Websites to Download Free eBooks list, as well as our Free eBook of the Day archive.