Ebyline Launches WordPress Plugin To Pay Freelancers

Ebyline, a platform that connects publishers and freelancers, has recently added a WordPress plug-in to their built in payment system.

Allen Narcisse, co-founder and COO, explains how simple it is:

The idea is that you use WordPress because you want to manage your CMS and all of your authors are organized within WordPress. It brings some of the best part of our services into it. Either the author or an admin can authorize the payment and the payment just goes to the freelancer. And then by going into our platform later, you can get a bigger picture of what you’ve spent over time. 

Publishers pay with a credit card, writers are paid via PayPal, and at the end of the year, contributors can go into Ebyline and access their 1099s.

It takes a lot of the hassle out of collection on both ends. So what if a publisher is stiffing you? Narcisse and Ebyline can back you up:

The role if the system is to pay the writer — if [a] $100 is mixed up in the adminstrative process, it’s just like the ‘real world’. We do have a dispute process and we advocate on behalf of the freelancer and the publisher and make sure that the outcome comes out fairly on both side. It’s a big benefit.

Ebyline was founded in 2009 with the mission of helping publishers, and increasingly, brands, organize their freelancers. The also boast a network of over 2,000 freelancers who have been vetted if you’re looking for talent. Narcisse calls it a “subjective” process — they make sure the writer has clips, an established beat, experience working with various publishers, and is in the right location for the job. About 30% of applicants are accepted into their network, according to Narcisse.

Have you been paid through Ebyline? What was your experience like?