eBooks & eBook Apps to Dominate Tablet Downloads by 2016

ABI Research has just finished up a report this week on how people will be using tablets. The whole report is behind a paywall, but they did drop a few hints about what you can expect to happen. According to their theories, we’re just at the beginning of what’s going to be a long period of increasing sales of apps, with media tablet owners expected to average more than 31 downloads per year per tablet.

They have also made the rather obvious prediction that consumers will opt for the more versatile media tablet over dedicated eReaders.This is a trend that we may already be seeing, so it’s not a stretch to suggest that it will continue. The biggest growth in readers will be among seniors (ages 60+) and children (ages 1-9). “The magic of media tablets for seniors and children is the touch screen interface. It’s so intuitive,” adds Mark Beccue, senior analyst. “These demographic groups will rely heavily on downloaded apps over web surfing on their media tablets.”

Enhanced eBook apps and other media apps are expected, in the near future, to replace the portable DVD player for entertaing kids on trips. ABI is predicting that in 2016, nearly one billion media tablet apps designed for young children will be downloaded.