eBooks Are Off to a Slow Start in Turkey

Unlike the explosive growth seen in the US and Western Europe, Turkey’s eBook industry is just getting started.

Mehmet İnhan, general manager of the web retailer idefix.com (also Turkey’s leading ebookstore), beleives that Turkey is still in the early stages of eBook growth, and he estimated that around 1,500 eBooks are produced natively in Turkey each year out of a total of 30thousand titles published.

“In Turkey, we have not yet reached a level that is statistically significant,” said İnhan. “In the countries mentioned, hundreds of thousands of e-books are in circulation, whereas in Turkey, the number of books that have been released in e-book format [in one year] is only 1,500.”

He also noted that there was a limited supply of eReaders in Turkey, which also would affect eBook growth. He doesn’t expect Turkey to catch up to the West for another four to five years.

via Sunday’s Zaman

image by robynejay