eBookNewser’s 2010 Wishlist

When the Tech Fairy comes to grant this year’s nerdy eBook wishes, here are a few of the things eBookNewser is hoping for.

More Openness on Kindle: The biggest strike against the Kindle is its proprietary format. Why can’t we drag and drop our EPub files onto Amazon’s fancy shmancy device?

An End to DRM: An even bigger long shot: no more DRM on eBooks. Or at least, let’s see one major retailer drop DRM from its store. Seems like the music industry has just about figured this one out–DRM doesn’t work. When will the book biz learn from the music industry’s mistake?

eGalleys: Could this be the year when publishers really adopt eGalleys–such that they’re available for every book in unprotected formats that can be read on any device (not PDF)?

The Apple Tablet: Let it be real. And let it cost less than $1000. How about $750, tops.

More Small Press eBooks: eBook really are the perfect format for small presses, which rely on niche markets, long lives for their books, dedicated fans, and flukes that thrust obscure titles into the spotlight. A 2,000 copy print run, plus an infinite supply of eBooks could equal a lot of sales…