eBookNewser Readers Respond Negatively To Ads In eBooks

Advertisements in eBooks are not a good idea. At least according to our readers. Last week literary agent Nicholas Croce argued that eBooks might help combat piracy, in a blog on The Gatekeepers Post.

He wrote: “In ebooks, unlike in print books, ads could work financially. They could be updated digitally, so they could always be current. They could also be much better tailored to the reader’s demographic. Two people reading the same title could effectively view different ads based on a variety of factors.” eBookNewser readers responded and most didn’t think that this was such a good idea.

Mr Uku commented: “Ads in e-books would be an awful idea and would annoy honest readers…If a ‘pirate’ can crack DRM then they’d have no trouble removing the ads. The publishing industry needs to stop looking for someone to blame or punish and start lowering the prices of e-books.”

Deoren wrote: “I would definitely buy less ebooks if they come with advertising. I’m buying the books for the text, not a bunch of stuff somebody wants me to buy.”

Abo wrote: “Piracy is fighted by a very low price, for any product, not only ebook.”

Gregorymose wrote: “The day there are ads in ebooks is the day I sell my Kindle and go back to hunting around used books stores. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a creative idea, and worth raising, ads for online dating sites mixed in with my Jane Austen is a little too much postmodern irony for my taste.”

BMarino commented: “I might buy fewer books, too. I don’t know. If one is buying a book, they are buying A BOOK. The reader shouldn’t have to suffer the advertising to disincentivize the thieves. I think this is an idea that may have some merit, but it needs to be really well thought out to benefit readers, authors and publishers. Not an easy task.”

Npeske was the only commenter willing to entertain the thought. She wrote: “An even better idea would be to give the author input and final authority over which ads are in the eBook. I cowrote a book that recommends many products, services, and other books. I would be happy to have the enhanced eBook feature ads to complement the book’s recommendation, but I would not be happy to have the publisher randomly choose to sell a product simply because the advertiser wanted placement in books appealing to a particular demographic. For example, if my book is promoting proper nutrition to children and the publisher sticks in an ad for some sugary cereal with transfats and a penny’s worth of vitamins, that undermine’s my book’s message.”

What do you think?