eBook Summit in Vanity Fair

eBooks VF.pngreally must be catching on if the glossy fashion mags are covering conferences about them. Vanity Fair concludes its writeup of MediaBistro’s eBook Summit by asking, “Whoever said digital publishing was boring?” Thankfully, not Vanity Fair.

Lauren Sozio, VF’s blogger, indeed understood what was going on at the conference: “This forum wasn’t about the new devices being heralded as saviors of the print industry, because, if we’ve learned anything about new technology, broad cultural change doesn’t depend simply on a new gadget. Rather, it is the social use of the gadget that determines its longevity.”

Though whoever was responsible for the image at the top of the piece should have known better than to depict the Kindle 1 along with the Nook, iPhone and Sony Reader. What is this, 2008?