eBook Sales Rose 162 Percent in May

eBooks continued to grow in May 2010, as the Association of American Publishers (AAP) reported today that eBook sales had risen 162 percent in May 2010 to $29.3 million. The AAP created the chart embedded above to put the growth in context.
In contrast, physical audiobook sales totaled $12.9 million and downloaded audiobook sales were $5.9 million for the same period. Nevertheless, adult hardcover sales were still rising this year–encouraging news for the print side of business. The complete release is embedded below.
Here’s more from the release: “E-book sales grew 162.8 percent for the month ($29.3 million), year-to-date eBook sales are up 207.4 percent. Year-To-Date E-book sales of the 13 submitting publishers to that category currently comprise 8.48 % of the total trade books market, compared to 2.89% percent for the same period last year.”

May 2010 Book Sales