eBook Readership Will Grow To 30 Million Readers Globally By 2013

eBook readership is predicted to grow to 30 million readers globally by 2013, almost double the predicted 2012 total, according to ABI Research.

According to ABI analyst Jeff Orr, a number of these people will come from Western Europe followed by China. Orr had this statement: ““In two or three years we will enter a period in which much more digital printed matter will become available in other countries and regions. Western Europe will be first, followed by Eastern Europe and Asia, especially China.”

The ABI report found that China faces three challenges for eBook adoption: a lack of digital content, lower levels of literacy and so far the country only has expensive devices to read on. Still, the cost of the hardware came down in the U.S. after a couple of years and since many eReaders are made in China, the device issue might be easily resolved.

Orr also said that non-US eBook markets would be driven by booksellers and publishers, as well as by network operators.