eBook Drinking Game

Does the thought of eBooks make you feel like a drink? Well Bookavore has a fun new “eBook article” drinking game that merges the two. Based on drinking whenever popular eBook themes come up in news stories, it is sure to get any group of publishing people tipsy.
It’s easy to play. If you hear anyone say that eBooks will kill real books, take a drink. If an expert you’ve never heard of before predicts percentages for how eBooks will grow, take a drink. And any discussion of the book world after 2020 requires a drink. Comments on pricing being too high or too low are also worth a drink each. You can see where this is going.
Read the whole post here. Anytime you read the phrases: “real book,” “too soon to tell,” “game-changer,” “no matter what” and “old-fashioned,” drink a drink. I’d like to add the phrases “p-book” and “eReader price wars” to this list.
The ante is upped to two drinks for the use of the words cuddle” or “snuggle” to describe reading habits.
Use the phrase: “smell of a real book,” and watch out. This requires players to: “clean out the liquor cabinet, drink until you pass out, wake up next morning, puke, then continue drinking.”
Cheers to eBooks!