eBay Offers SF & NYC Residents Same Day Retail Delivery

Running around to stores during the holidays can be a pain. But so can waiting for a week for your online orders to arrive. eBay Now is a new iPhone app that tries to solve this issue by offering mobile commerce with same day delivery.

The eBay app lets you shop at stores in either San Francisco or New York (other markets coming soon) and arrange delivery for the product the same day “in as little as an hour.” This includes products from chain stores including Toys R Us, Macy’s, Walgreens, Home Depot, Target, as well as smaller local businesses.

You can search the app for a product, browse through different offerings, retailers and prices. Then hit “Bring it” to have it delivered to you that day for $5. You can get it delivered to your business or home, or to your picnic in the park. If you order more than one item from a store, you only pay one delivery charge. 

TIME.com explains how eBay makes it work: “When a customer orders a product, the company simply sends a courier — it calls them ‘valets,’ to emphasize their helpfulness — to a nearby store… The valet finds the item (or items), waits in line with other shoppers to pay, and then makes the delivery.”