eBay Offers Free Same Day Delivery During Holidays for Select Cities

Same day deliveries are getting very competitive this holiday season – eBay is the latest company to join the race along with Amazon and Google. The online store has been offering the local shopping and delivery service, $5 eBay Now for San Franciscans since last year, and Now can deliver same day orders for major metropolitan areas like New York and Chicago.

In today’s announcement, eBay details some of the offers for San Franciscans:

A special, limited-time holiday promotion that ends Dec. 31, the eBay Now-Ferry Building pilot is an easy way for San Francisco residents to connect with the local goods that are already around them. Shoppers can currently order from multiple Ferry Building merchants in one order, with a limit of 10 items per order, and choose from a number of specially selected items for eBay Now purchases. Certain merchants are also offering gift baskets that are exclusive for eBay Now customers.

Chicago, San Francisco, New York, and Queens will all be able to order free same day items up until Christmas Eve, which is to say, if you have no desire to leave your house to buy anything last minute, you can do it on eBay.