Vox Media Suspends Eater Editor for Y.D.L. Punk Past

A temporary suspension, effective immediately.

What’s the statute of limitations on dumb, early-life decisions? That’s a question some people are asking after Gawker’s J.K. Trotter revealed that Vox Media has temporarily suspended an eater.com editor:

Eater.com placed an editor named Nick Solares on leave for at least one week, effective immediately, after he apologized for participating in New York City’s skinhead punk rock scene in the 1980s, according to several sources with knowledge of the decision.

The suspension came a week after former associates of Solares began sending reporters (including several at Gawker) links and photos documenting his past life as a skinhead. On Wednesday, Solares published an apology and explanation of his past on Eater, where he had recently been promoted to the position of Restaurant editor.

The apology shared by Solares is heartfelt and sincere. During the period referenced, Solares went by the moniker of “English Nick” and the name of his band was Youth Defense League (or Y.D.L.). Trotter notes that in the wake of the May 11 note from Solares, a photo was sent to Vox that seems to contradict the idea that Solares ended his association with skinheads as a teenager.

Here are a couple of sample Gawker comments:

Matt: I don’t see him taking a single photo with someone he ran into at a bar from his past as being indicative of a full on relapse into being a skinhead or some sort of evidence that he’s secretly still a skinhead all this time. Context matters, as much as people like to argue otherwise.

XsinkingshipX: I grew up in a racist family. I probably said something racist somewhere and my high school “punk” friends were witnesses to it when I was too dumb to know better. I’m now in my 30’s and no longer racist. I rescue animals… is that enough public service or do I need to join some anti-racist group to cleanse myself in your eyes? I’m not being snarky, I’m asking a legit question.