Eat, Pray and Listen to Labash

eat pray love 1.jpg
Try to picture Labash in this lovely sunflower
patch with Julia Roberts.

The Weekly Standard/Daily Caller‘s Matt Labash has an insider’s view of how to become a political journalistic guru.

Does it involve sexual favors?

“For me it did,” replies Labash in his advice column today. “But everyone’s path is different.”

Most advice on Labash’s list is not terribly serious, but some offers unintentional wisdom. Read slowly and in between the lines.

• Write what you know.

• If you’re a kind, generous person who strives to find the best in people and to overlook their faults, get out of journalism. You’ll die here.

His biggest truth lies tucked just before an admission that he’s not really a journalistic guru. “You will have to figure out how actually get there on your own.” (As fate would have it, Labash claims to hate anyone who likes Eat, Pray, Love, but he has essentially summed up the purpose of author, Elizabeth Gilbert’s book. Come on Labash – Italy, India and Indonesia are calling you, except for maybe that part where you write, “I live off the land, and eat what I kill.”)

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