EAT LA Going Live

EatLA, the local blog that will certainly tell you where to eat and even what’s good, is going live today to generate website interest as well as promote its new book, “EAT Los Angeles.”

Five days after the arrival of the book, the staff is happy to announce the birth of its digital sister:

Every morning will bring a new EAT of the Day, and you’ll find regular
postings from the team, new listings and updates, a straight line to, and more. Over time we’ll get the whole database up
there… it is a work in progress.

Linda, Pat, Joseph, Jenn, Jean, Amelia and I hope you’ll bookmark it,
RSS it, read it, and comment profusely. Let’s discover, enjoy and
celebrate L.A.’s best food-lover’s resources together, as part of the
larger community of terrific L.A. newspapers, weeklies, magazines and

Colleen Dunn Bates
Prospect Park Books