Eastwood May Hang Up The Acting, He Tells A Brit Paper

Leave it to the Brits to break the great stories out of Hollywood.

The London Telegraph posted a story today that Clint Eastwood, will not be starring in another film after “Gran Torino” comes out.

“That will probably do it for me as far as acting is concerned,” said the 78-year-old, who stressed he had no plans to stop directing films.

“You always want to quit while you are ahead,” he said. “You don’t want to be like a fighter who stays too long in the ring until you’re not performing at your best.”

His performance in “Gran Torino,” which is released in Great Britain in February and which he also directed, has already been tipped as worthy of an Oscar.

The drama revolves around the relationship between a disgruntled war veteran and his young neighbour, an Asian American teenager who tries to steal his prized possession, a 1972 Gran Torino.

Whether we can believe them or not remains to be seen. They are British after all.