Tech and Govt. Vets Form Dream Team Firm

Big names, big news: Eastwick–a tech communications agency that helped build some of Silicon Valley’s biggest brands over more than two decades in the business–has officially launched a new independent consulting firm called SocialxDesign (read “Social by Design” or “SxD” if you don’t feel like typing it out). The firm’s prime movers comprise a team of PR industry veterans whose resumes run from the offices of scruffy tech start-ups all the way to the White House and the State Department.

New firms open every day, but SocialxDesign is different: Led by Eastwick CEO Barbara Bates, White House PR man Toby Chaudhuri and Deloitte vet Giovanni Rodriguez, SxD describes itself in a press release as “a new strategy consulting firm focused on helping businesses, government agencies and NGOs remake themselves for the socially networked economy” by expanding services, reducing costs and creating real-world value within their respective markets. The group lists its three primary services as “Discovery, Design and Delivery” while throwing in a few key phrases like “quantitative audit”, “strategic positioning” and “technology implementation.”

Sounds good, but what does it mean?

In short, SxD exists to answer to the hottest question of the day: How can businesses and public entities use the social ecosystem to deliver a truly rewarding experience to the people who matter most: customers, employees and industry partners? How can you, the PR pro, apply the social media model offline to inspire and empower the folks who fuel your industry? Whatever your digital/real-world goals, SxD can help you give your target audience the goods–be they political outreach campaigns, Q&A events with constituents or a more satisfying retail experience like that embodied by the Apple Store’s Genius Bar.

SxD’s principals stress that they are NOT an advocacy group and that they have no partisan affiliations: Their primary purpose is to help a wide variety of clients create more rewarding experiences for users by combining the power of social media innovation with more traditional methods of audience engagement.

That’s not all: SxD also has a Stanford University connection. Several additional team members are veterans of Stanford’s Persuasive Technology Lab, where researchers learn how to more effectively influence and enhance human behaviors. Trust us, it’s fascinating stuff.

With offices in San Fran, Silicon Valley, and DC’s (in)famous K Street, SxD–website here, Twitter feed here–looks to blanket the public and private sectors while encouraging interaction between the two. We’re not sure what they will be up to in the coming months (they already have some big-name government and commerce clients lined up), but we can assure you it will be a big deal. Check back for more.

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