Eason Jordan, we never knew ya, v. 2.0.

easonj.jpgThe Times is now (finally) entering the fray on the takedown of Eason Jordan, rightly choosing to focus on the guy who started the deluge of self-righteous ire directed at MSM (mainsteam media, Dear Reader, remember?). What’s cute about the article is to study CNN’s hopeless attempt at spin control. No, guys, the “out of context” defense only works if you’re either Scott McClellan or if anybody’s afraid they won’t get access to your boss; nobody’s afraid of a flack from Atlanta. The only known net effect of this whole thing? One formerly obscure businessman named Rony Abovitz will be on every MSM interview couch this week, Rush will laud him as a true Patriot and Ann Coulter will ask him out on a date. Rony, your 15-minute clock is starting…now.