Easily And Automatically Sync Posts Between Twitter, Google+ And Facebook

We’ve written before about how to tweet your Google+ posts to Twitter, and now we’ve got an even more robust way to sync up your various social media profiles.

Chrome users, this one’s for you. Available in the Chrome web store, Publish Sync enables you to automatically post content to Twitter, Facebook or Google+ from anywhere on the web. The extension allows you to post articles, photos, videos and more that you find on the web to any one or more of the supported networks, which include Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Plurk.

You can choose to share any page to any of the supported networks while you’re on Google+, like in the image below. One note about Google+ from the developers of the app, however, is that text and links are currently supported, but pictures and video will be available in a future update. Publish Sync also allows you to share content to specific Google+ circles, so that you don’t have to share all of your synced posts with the public.

The plugin also enables you to post content from within Twitter to the other supported networks, by providing boxes for the other networks to check. For example, if you send out a tweet and want to also post it to Google+, you simply check the Google+ box below the “What’s Happening?” text box.

It also works on Facebook and Plurk.

App developers have been scrambling to incorporate Google+ into their repertoires, and Publish Sync does a good job of making it easy to post from one network to another. If you are a Chrome user, you can grab Publish Sync from the web store. After giving it a spin, let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

Via LifeHacker