EA’s The Sims 4 Snapchat AR Lens Lets You Work From Home With Your Pets

The coronavirus pandemic likely means you already work from home with your pets

It's raining cats and dogs on Snapchat
Electronic Arts/Snapchat

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in people working from home with their pets, so Electronic Arts is backing The Sims 4 with an augmented reality lens on Snapchat that lets them virtually work from home with their pets.

When the Snapchat application’s camera is in selfie mode, users can take selfies with puppies and kittens from The Sims 4.

Flipping the camera enables Snapchatters to create and place AR puppies and kittens all over wherever they happen to be at the time.

Electronic Arts/Snapchat

Snapchat said the lens is live throughout the U.S. and in select international markets.

Electronic Arts/Snapchat

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