EA’s Chillingo Partners With MetroGames for Mobile Game Distribution

Chillingo, a UK-based mobile games publisher has entered into a partnership with the social games developer MetroGames to deliver a number of social games for Apple’s iOS platform. MetroGames will utilize the publishing, distribution and marketing expertise of EA-owned Chillingo to release several games via the Apple app store. The joint venture also includes a plan to release the mobile version of the Facebook game Pixel Ranger.

MetroGames has already released couple of successful iPhone games, including puzzler Plock which has more than 1.5 million downloads from the Apple app store. However, Damian Harburger, founder and CEO of MetroGames, has ambitions to extend his company’s presence in the App Store. He said.

By combining our game development capabilities and creativity along with Chillingo’s impressive marketing and distribution strategies, we aim to duplicate our success on Facebook to the mobile category.

Joe Wee, co-general manager at Chillingo, also seems exited to team up with MetroGames. He articulated in a statement;

As a publisher we are looking forward to work closely with MetroGames to bring Pixel Ranger and additional new titles to the App Store.

This month, Chillingo also surpassed 140 million iOS (titles for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) downloads since the start of Apple app store.