Earn Rewards from Virtually Anything You Do Online Everyday at Veridoo

veridoo.gifEarning some extra cash and incentives from new social networking platform Veridoo is as simple as doing virtually anything you do online everyday. This pertains of course to practically everything you can do in a social networking site. The extra cash reward and incentives is a reward that Veridoo gives to you for creating your own web Veridoo “Channel.”veridoo_channel.jpgIn Veridoo, the more you build a content-rich channel, the more chances you have of earning cash rewards and other incentives. This is how it works:

  • you create your channel,
  • enrich your channel with photos, videos, music,
  • your channels earn substantive impressions and membership,
  • Veridoo sources out a brand partner for you channel,
  • Veridoo gives you the option for profit sharing program,
  • you get your cash reward

It’s as simple as following those steps. Since Veridoo is a community of content-rich channels, your contents are viewed by other members as well. So you build friendship and network based and later on, this will result to additional page views for your Veridoo channel. Remember, the more people gets to visit your site, the higher your chances of earning cash rewards will be.

Veridoo puts blogging into an interactive platform and transform it into another media. Building your Veridoo channel is just like blog posting. And like blogs, Veridoo channels can be monetized as well. In fact, monetizing your channel is one of the major reasons why you would want to join Veridoo and start creating your content channel.