Earn points one pair at a time in Square Solitaire Duel on Facebook


Bushido Games has released its newest title for Facebook gamers: Square Solitaire Duel. The game challenges players to earn as many points as possible by playing cards in rows and columns on a grid, with points coming from pairs, straights and other Poker-style card hands.

The board has room for 25 cards, so the goal is to place these cards in better patterns than your opponent. To keep things fair, both players have an identically shuffled deck of cards, leaving the outcome up to skill, rather than luck.

Players can bet some of their chips before starting a game, and can play against other real world opponents in asynchronous matches. Players have 24 hours to respond to a challenge from an opponent, and gamers can keep track of their overall weekly progress (in terms of chips won each week) on friends-based or worldwide leaderboards.

A boosters system adds more to the game, as users have the option to see the next two cards from the deck, change the placement of two cards on the board, withdraw the last used card, or reject a card altogether. Users can also buy virtual drinks for one another, like cola or lemonade, to make the game more social.

Square Solitaire Duel is available to play for free on Facebook. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.