Earn Beer Money By Building Apps With AppBank

People like wasting their time on Facebook and AppBank is looking to exploit that fact to help you make money off them. While you probably won’t get rich off of AppBank, you can earn a few hundred extra dollars per month in order to pay for beer … err … I mean “buying college books”. The platform enables non-technical people to create “high-quality quizzes, gifts, polls, surveys, tests, and games”. The difference between this one and traditional “create your own app” services is that creators of the applications can actually generate income from them.

For the non-technical person, it’s not a bad service as earning an extra few hundred dollars each month can make a significant difference for most people. If you’re looking at a quick get rich scheme, this probably won’t be it, but as a simple app for those that are looking to waste some time and possibly earn a few dollars it’s not a bad idea. Does this really transform the landscape for people?

Not necessarily but given that this is an extremely easy way to potentially earn some cash, I’m guessing this will do pretty well. While you could also chase after money by filling out online surveys, why not get your friends to take your own surveys and get paid for it? Honestly, I can see this leading to a bunch of information marketers teaching you how to make millions by creating quiz apps on Facebook, but hey, I guess other people are doing it, right?

No other services that I know of enable Facebook users to generate revenue in such a simple way but people can sit at home and make money by generating tons of Facebook quizzes, you have to think something just isn’t right. So far, top earners are making over $750 a month, and my guess is that they aren’t creating thousands of quizzes and surveys, instead opting to limit their overall output.

It will be interesting to see how this ends up panning out for AppBank. They’ve clearly invested a lot of time in energy into this platform and if all goes well, they could soon be helping millions of Facebook users make money and make a fair amount of well as they take their cut of the proceeds. Do you think an application like this is useful to the platform? Are you going to go and create a bunch of quiz apps now?