Early Morning Hashtag Blather

Ever get bored when you’re home alone and start rambling to yourself about nothing particular or even that funny? But there’s no one around to hear what you say, so it’s totally, like, okay? Ever do that on Twitter? Yes, some of you do that all the time.

We don’t want you to stop, though. It amuses us endlessly.

Take Talking Points Memo’s Brian Beutler.

Beutler had a late night Saturday. He was on Twitter at about 4 a.m. and picked up on the #bookswithalettermissing, that was, we assume, trending at the time or worse, he came up with it on his own. This bodes poorly for Brian because, #bookswithalettermissing is a stupid hashtag that, after even a cursory glance, revealed no one who was able to make it even remotely humorous. Not even internet humorous, where you just breath a little harder out of your nose instead of actually laughing out loud.

Among Brian’s #bookswithalettermissing gems: King Ear, Rapes of Rath and Curious Gorge. To his credit, after King Ear, he did admit that it was “way too late.” His next tweet didn’t come until 2 p.m. that same day. And at least he knew how to use a hashtag. TIME’s Mark Halperin? Not so much.

He came up with his own idea, one completely stolen from Justin Halpern—creator of the actually funny @shitmydadsays (not to be confused with the unfunny CBS show he wrote based on the same material). Halperin, apparently afraid of the word shit, started using #sh*tmydadsaysaboutwtitter this morning, not realizing that the asterisk breaks the tag. So, he was actually using just #sh—a tag often used on Twitter when discussing sexual harassment, self-injury, self-harm, things like that.

Some of Halperin’s #sh*tmydadsaysaboutwtitter witticisms: “Why is Alec Baldwin so mad,” “How do I know if someone is on Twitter,” and “How do I go back & see all the tweets I missed while I was reading the New York Times?”

So, today, if you’re interested in the serious topic of sexual harassment, that’s what now comes up in Twitter search. We could actually see someone’s dad saying those things about Twitter. But shhh…the truth, in this case, is not a great defense. Deep sigh.


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