Earl Santee and the Birth of Populous’ Monopoly

Speaking of playing fields, remember when we told you about the stadium firm that builds every stadium in the whole wide world was changing their name from HOK Sport to Populous? Well would you like to meet the man behind such a company that would build or redesign so many stadiums, including the new homes for the Yankees and the Mets? Of course you would (stop answering our rhetorical questions). Enter the Kansas City Star who has this great profile on Earl Santee, the senior principal at Populous and “the world’s most experienced ballpark architect.” It’s also an interesting look at how his firm got to where it is today, creating a virtual monopoly within this type of architecture. Here’s a bit:

The numbers are overwhelming: more than 1,000 projects totaling more than $20 billion to build 510 million square feet that have hosted 520 million people at events in the last decade.

It’s a company that started with seven people, hoped to grow someday to 24, and now employs 475 people across the world.

“[Camden Yards] put our name out there,” Santee says. “But the turning point is now. This is really the beginning. Camden established our first 25 years. The next 25 years is established starting now.”