EA’ing at the EIEF

Oh to be in Edinburgh. Actually, we probably wouldn’t know what to do if we were there right now. Would be totally lost. First, of course, would be the accents, which we get far better with after a few drinks (see: why this writer, during a few summers in Ireland, spent most of his time in bars — it was simply to be able to communicate), and if attending the EIEF, the Edinburgh Interactive Entertainment Festival, which kicked off yesterday, we likely wouldn’t know what people were talking about with all their Ex-boxes and their Play-machine 4s. But we’d still like to go to be able to hear things like the keynote address by EA’s COO, David Gardner, about the future of game design. Here’s some from the synopsis by Games Digest:

A further market that EA sees as needing more attention is casual gamers. As the passive nature of television is losing its appeal to the modern ‘multi-tasking’ generation, serious players are content in applying their attention to interaction with the game world, but casual players frequently turn to modern entertainment sources such as YouTube to capture their attention whilst playing. The interesting part is how EA intends to tackle this; of course you can just makes levels shorter but Gardner discussed the idea of creating cross-platform content allowing you to continually affect your game universe even when playing on your mobile.