“Each time I see you, hold you, think of you, here’s what I do”


Marcia Muelengracht should get a big, fat commission check. The Hallmark designer created the Valentine’s Day card that was the top seller in nearly every market in America last year, and it’s being offered for the second year in a row. The LA Times tells the tale:

“The card’s face is a red foil, with ‘For the One I Love’ across the top in black script, a large picture of a red rose in the center, and a thick black ribbon cutting through the middle. Inside, it simply states: ‘Each time I see you, hold you, think of you, here’s what I do…I fall deeply, madly, happily in love with you. Happy Valentine’s Day.’

The card’s designer, Marcia Muelengracht, said she was not at all surprised that the card sold five times better than the average Valentine–so well that it’s being offered for a second year.

‘I cut to the chase–what I would want to give and what I would want to receive,’ Muelengracht said. ‘A guy wants to say he still loves her. A gal wants to know he still does. She wants to get goose bumps. He wants to think he’ll get lucky.'”

Thanks to Rob Bynder for the tip, although we hope he didn’t find out about this because he gave that card to his wife.