EA to Launch Dragon Age Legends Simultaneously on Facebook, HTML5 Mobile

We’re seeing more and more social gaming titles build out a presence onto mobile devices. But we’ve yet to see one come to Facebook and mobile at once.

Electronic Arts’ EA2D, a younger studio focused on building cross-platform games, is bringing Dragon Age: Legends to Facebook and mobile devices through HTML5. The title has been in beta last fall, but is opening up to the public throughout this coming week.

With both the Facebook title and its mobile companion plus EA’s console and PC game Dragon Age II arriving on March 8, this amounts to an aggressive and fully cross-platform marketing play by the gaming giant. However, EA stresses that Dragon Age Legends doesn’t just exist to upsell gamers to the $60 console version.

“This is a standalone game. It’s seen as an extension of the franchise, not as a marketing tool for other Dragon Age products,” said spokesperson Cindy Lum. “This game is going to have a life of its own.”

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