EA Sports Launches World Cup Predictions Game in FIFA Superstars

As the World Cup continues to wow viewers from around the world and betting pools are set up wherever they can be, EA Sports and Playfish have decided to introduce the World Cup Predictions game into their FIFA Superstars Facebook game. The game asks you to predict who will win upcoming games and by what score to win prizes that help you play the FIFA Superstars game. The presentation is excellent and it’s a lot of fun to make predictions.

The game isn’t overly complex and simply allows you to make predictions about the next days game by entering the predicted score of the various teams in the next day’s matchup. A bar at the top of the screen shows how you are doing amongst your friends, and you can view all the past scores of all the World Cup games from here. You get a certain amount of points for predicting the winner, and double that for correctly predicting the score.

The simplicity pleases me, and I’ve found myself taking the few seconds to predict the score as often as I can. EA/Playfish really saw the opportunity and jumped on it, and now players have a great reason to login to FIFA Superstars to think more about the soccer world. Surely they’ll have this for other soccer events through the year, as well. The goal that this is more than just a game is enhanced because all the players that you can choose within the actual Superstars game are real players as well, and all the music and sound effects have authentic sound quotes from real FIFA commentators as well. Check the game out and let us know what you think.

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