EA Plans Facebook Companion Game for Dragon Age

We’ve heard a lot about companion gaming lately from French gaming company Ubisoft, which has a version of its console hit Project Legacy running on the social network. Now Electronic Arts is getting into the game too, with an upcoming EA 2D title called Dragon Age Legends.

While EA has released Facebook ports of its console titles before, like Dante’s Inferno, and last year released the browser-based Dragon Age: Journeys, a companion game can actually be connected to its counterpart on another platform, so that an action performed in one game affects the other.

With a franchise like Dragon Age, which was one of the more popular RPGs this year, a companion game becomes particularly interesting. The developer, BioWare, wants to keep players constantly involved through paid downloadable content; Facebook is a great way to get them even more engaged, and coming back even in between major releases.

That’s the theory, anyway. The draw with Dragon Age Legends will be unlockable items and quests in Dragon Age II, the console game. But that title isn’t expected until March of next year, so we may have a wait to see exactly what EA is planning.

In the meantime, EA has said that the game will be a party-based RPG, much like Journeys and the franchise itself, and the website has a couple screenshots that give an idea of the art and play style.