EA Mobile Chief Slams Nokia

Electronic Arts, the top gaming publisher and a Nokia N-Gage partner, isn’t too happy about Nokia’s certification process, it seems. MocoNews reports that Peter Parmenter, director of worldwide OEM at EA Mobile, called the handset maker’s efforts so far a “soft launch.”

“The one-build, multiple-handsets dream that we thought N-Gage was going to be is maybe not quite polished yet,” he said in an interview at Nokia’s gaming summit in Rome. “As a publisher, we will make twice the revenue from selling an iPhone game in Italy than we will from selling an N-Gage game at the same price… We need to work together on the economics.”

In case there was any doubt left about Parmenter’s feelings, he concluded that “I think it’s easier to get an audience with the Pope than it is to get a game through certification at Nokia.”