EA launches Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar on iOS worldwide

ultima-forever-650Image via EA

Electronic Arts has announced the worldwide launch of Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar on iOS. The spiritual successor to Ultima 4 is a real-time cooperative RPG, inspired by the 30-year history of the original Ultima franchise.

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar is set 21 years after the events of Ultima 4, and sees the world of Britannia being slowly taken over by a plague called the Black Weep. The disease instills fear in its victims and corrupts the most honorable humans it touches, forcing Lady British to call for a group of new heroes that can save the land before the Black Weep can take over the entire world.

Throughout the game, players are challenged with completing quests and can meet other real-world players in real time, forming parties of up to four players before exploring dungeons and defeating enemies.

The game comes with tap and swipe controls for choosing enemies and items to interact with, and a virtues system will give players the chance to customize their character’s progression by choosing appropriate dialog or character options based on the type of virtue they’d like. For instance, when faced with a dying character, players may be able to choose options for spirituality, compassion or valour.

Originally available in Canada via a soft launch, the full launch of Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar contains new features and technical modifications that help it run smoother on iPhone 4s and iPad 2.

The game is now available to download for free on iPhone and iPad. It’s supported via microtransactions, allowing players to purchase Silver and Gold keys, used to unlock rare loot drops within the game. You can follow Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar’s progress on AppData, our tracking tool for social and mobile apps and developers.