E3 Week Drove 41 Million Facebook Posts, Likes and Comments

Facebook said 17 million people talked about the Electronic Entertainment Expo from June 9 through 15

With the end of the Electronic Entertainment Expo June 15, Facebook analyzed how the video game convention drove conversation on its platform.

From June 9 through 15, Facebook said 17 million people talked about E3 and the major games and brands associated with the show. Overall, users shared 41 million posts, likes and comments related to E3 during this time period.

Facebook released two charts breaking down the volume of conversation surrounding major game publishers and game titles from June 9 through 15. Each chart shows the number of people talking about each brand or game per hour, for each day of the analysis period.

Elsewhere, Facebook analyzed the conversation coming from attendees on the E3 show floor. From June 12 through 15, the most-talked-about games from in-person attendees were Super Mario, Destiny and Call of Duty.

Finally, Facebook said the most-talked-about piece of content from June 9 through 15 (the most liked, commented on and shared) was IGN’s post sharing the Spider-Man trailer from Sony‘s press conference.