E3, Now Featuring China

It’s the E3 Expo this week, and that not only means a convention center full of video games and parties at which game developers awkwardly mix with Hollywood types, but industry panels and presentations. And it turns out video games are at the cutting edge of globalization. This luncheon session caught my eye:

Leading the lineup of the three sessions to be held on Tuesday, May 17, is a special presentation by Xiao Wei Kou, the Deputy Director of GAPP, the China government agency that approves all online games in that market. For North American publishers, a meeting with Mr. Kou is an essential first step to navigating the avenues to getting a game approved for online play in the fast-growing market in China. This is the first time Mr. Kou has spoken publicly in North America.

I’ll bet anyone $5 that this shows up in a Tom Friedman column within the next month.