Nintendo Stops Video Game Presses with Wii U

One of the great things about the coverage that emanates each year from the E3 trade show in downtown Los Angeles is that it brings into focus the million and one gamer blogs, funny names and all. Even more so when a huge story like yesterday’s unveiling by Nintendo of its new Wii U game controller is at hand.

Stories are crossing the wire this morning at the same clip as strokes in a game of Wii Sports tennis. The latest dispatches include reports from Blast Magazine,, Electricpig, and But leave it to the Wall Street Journal to rain on on this group’s parade:

The new Wii got some early praise from “industry critics” at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles on Tuesday, according to Reuters. But second thoughts soon seized investors. Reuters said the console “failed to address investor concerns the firm is missing the gaming market’s shift to social networking.”

We love the dismissive in-quotes reference to “industry critics.” At least it’s a subtler put-down than “jackass bloggers who steal all the good seats at press conferences and make trade shows a living hell compared to what they used to be.”