Dumb Idea of the Week: French Kiss Video Bowling

Here’s a concept product that gives whole new meaning to “slobbering guy in the corner gets to play the winner.”

Per Alex Pham of the LA Times, the strangest video game unveiled at this week’s big E3 convention is the Kissing Controller from Hye Yeon Nam. Fixodent is used to affix a tiny magnet to Player 1’s teeth, and from there, it’s just a tongue flick away with receiver-outfitted Player 2 to a strike, spare or—perish the poor kissing thought–gutter ball:

The game is not a commercially available product–yet. Nam, a 32-year-old doctoral student in digital media and computer science at Georgia Institute of Technology, developed it for a couple that was engaged. “We just wanted to have fun with it,” Nam said.

Pham also found out the hard way that if you swallow a mouth magnet, your player time is immediately put on hold for 24 hours. Way to take one for the E3 reporting team.