E3: EA announces new cross-platform Madden title for Facebook, mobile

Electronic Arts is bringing a lot more mobile and social gaming into its core sports franchises, the company revealed today at its E3 press conference.

The company announced a new game called Madden NFL Social, but did not reveal any specific details about the title.  According to Andrew Wilson, executive VP of EA Sports, the game will be a cross platform experience between Facebook and mobile, but it’s unknown at this point if the game will be a companion to, or a replacement for EA’s existing Madden-branded mobile and social titles.

So far Madden has been a steady hit on mobile for EA, so it’s likely the company is looking to expand the franchise’s mobile presence, rather that replace it. The company simultaneously released the game on both mobile and consoles, and the paid title was a solid performer at the top of both the Android and iOS charts. According to our traffic tracking service AppData, the game did not drop below No. 50 on the top grossing iOS app charts for two and half months after its release.

Meanwhile EA’s Madden Facebook game, Madden NFL Superstars has been less successful. The long-running game recently peaked 800,000 monthly active users in October 2011, but the title has since declined to 340,000 MAU and 60,000 DAU according to AppData. While this is not an insignificant number of users, in recent months EA hasn’t been shy about shuttering games performing below expectations.

At the beginning of May the company shut down the long running Facebook game Restaurant City, which at the time of the announcement had 1.8 million MAU and 340,000 DAU. More recently the company also made the decision to take its poorly performing social title Dragon Age Legends offline, removing the title from Facebook, the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Even though Madden NFL Superstars still sees more than 17 percent of its players log in on a daily basis according to AppData, its not unreasonable to assume the game will be replaced by EA new cross-platform mobile social title. We’ll update this story when we have more details.

This story originally appeared on our sister site, Inside Mobile Apps