E! To Spend Many Nights with Nicky Hilton–FBLA Prescient

FBLA doesn’t like to brag–much–but we’re glad to see that E! has taken our advice to make some money off all that red-carpet footage.

A new deal with Nicky Hilton, Paris‘s younger sister, calls for the networks to have a significant presence throughout her new Nicky O hotels, coming to Miami and Chicago.

An E! news ticker will provide entertainment info in the elevators. And just so no one misses an E! moment, a Live from the Red Carpet video wall will play in the hotels’ clubs. Computers will have E! Online as their home page. E! and Style Network will also be available in the rooms. The press release doesn’t say if other channels will be available or if guests have to watch endless re-runs of Clean House.

Astute readers may recall our very first post, back when we were just a Guest Blogger:

Let’s face it–E!’s chief treasure is an nearly endless supply of celebrity footage, so why muck that up with writing and editing? Just roll the raw tapes –like a sort of Celebrity C-Span. Add some trance tracks and you’ve got a whole new cable channel– Celebrity Surveillance.

So here’s our next prediction–a Nicky O drinking game–every time Paula Abdul shows up on the red carpet–you chug whatever’s on the table.