e-Paper, Digital Rights, Lectures and Search


More random quotes and facts from the Media Summit:

To an auditorium full of maybe 500 would-be CEOs (now VPs of marketing and what-not): “Is there a place in the future for the CEO? Because they’re not going to be in control” in a distributed media world. — Andrew Lippman, MIT

“Printable e-paper will change the way people consume media.” — Vin Crosbie, president, Digital Deliverance. Meaning, imagine a time when you have something similar to a placemat that can be anything from your daily newspaper to the novel you’re reading to your menu in a restaurant, depending on where you are and what you tell it to display.

“If you’re tired of seeing the ads on the sides of buses, wait ’til those ads are video.” — Crosbie

Lots of talk from John Tarnoff, a senior exec in Dreamworks’ animation division, about how he’s in “the linear entertainment field.”

“We’re looking for digital rights management that’s linked to people (instead of devices or media).” — Kevin Roebuck, manager, libraries and e-Learning, Sun Microsystems. So you can log on to whatever wherever you are, and don’t have to remember all these passwords and what-not for wherever you are.

You can get Stanford University lectures via iTunes technology.

We’re changing from “useability” to “findability.” — Brett Goldberg, founder and EVP, cDigix. In a multi-tasked, multi-media world have the need to search and find quickly.

New visual search tool that lets you show things in grouped circles of relevance instead of just a list of billions. It’s called groxis.