E-ink: No New Screen Tech Until 2012

Sriram  Peruvemba, the VP of Marketing at E-ink, stopped by the CNet offices yesterday . He showed off how thin and flexible the E-ink screen can be and give a few updates on the state of E-ink’s next generation screen. it won’t be coming out until 2012.

Oh, well. I guess we’ll have to content ourselves with E-ink’s other screen tech. Have you seen the NookColor? Its screen is based on FFS technology that was developed by Hydis, an E-ink subsidiary. Now, the actual screen was made by LG Display, but it licensed the  tech from E-ink.

But before you read too much into today’s news, let’s put this into perspective. E-ink launched it’s first screen in 2006, which was replaced by Vizplex in 2008. And then last year E-ink released Pearl. My point is that E-ink has maintained a 2 year release schedule for the last 2 updates so 2012 isn’t a delay; it’s merely staying on schedule.

And BTW, if you think this one year time frame is a delay, I’d like to point out that Qualcomm has been working on Mirasol screen tech and Sipix has been working on its screen tech for about the same amount of time as E-ink.  Sipix screens only hit the market last year and the Mirasol screen still hasn’t shown up on any device. E-ink, on the other hand, was on store shelves in 2006.

via cnet