E-Fun Updates NextBook Android Tablets with Kobo, SlideMe Apps

The unexplained delay of the Next5 and Next6 Android tablets was just explained. E-Fun will be releasing a firmware updates for its line of Android tablets.

At long last E-Fun realized that it needs to make it easier for users to download and install apps, so the new firmware update will include the SlideMe App Store. This is a reasonably good choice and it will provide the best selection of apps short of Amazon or the Google.

But the big story here is that E-Fun added the Kobo reading app. There really wasn’t much point because the Next tablets already had a reading app, and it was Borders’. As far as the consumer is concerned, the Borders app is the Kobo app. The only change was cosmetic.

This is going to hurt Borders, though. Now eBooks bought on a Next tablet won’t come from Borders, which means it won’t get a cut.

via Nextbook