E-Commerce Gets Tested on Facebook

Early this morning Buy.com announced their new Garage sale application which allows Facebook users to buy and sell items between themselves. According to Yahoo news, the new service “allows users to bypass online auction and sales sites and to sell goods directly from a profile page — Buy.com hopes to attract business away from larger rival eBay Inc.” As Mike Arrington points out there are similar services already being offered including Mosoma which I previously covered. Mosoma failed to gain traction, obtaining only 215 users. While the Buy.com application has already surpassed that number it hasn’t experienced any viral growth and I seriously doubt it will. There is already the Facebook marketplace which is sufficient for users that want to sell their items. Additionally, one would imagine that eBay will soon launch their own competing application that allows you to list your items on eBay and within the platform. While this is nowhere near over, it will be interesting to see how the Buy.com application performs. They will definitely need to reach critical mass before the marketplace becomes efficient. If you want to try listing your items via yet another auction platform go grab the GarageSale application.